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Teeth whitening trays cut my gums

I got a free teeth whitening kit. They trays are supposed to be one size fits all but for some reason they cut my gums either when I put them on or take them off. They haven’t cut my gums every time, but last night the cut was pretty bad and it bled for about 15 minutes. My gums still hurt and now I am afraid to put the trays back on because I think the gel will burn on the cut. Is there a way I can smooth out the edges on the trays so they fit right? Thanks. Aleis

Aleis – We don’t recommend that you try to adjust or smooth the trays. If you trim the trays too much, even after your gums heal, the bleaching gel can burn your gums overall because the gel will spill out over the edges.

We do recommend that you discontinue using the trays and get properly fitting trays from your dentist. The trays from your dentist will not be one-size-fits all trays. They will be based on impressions of your teeth and be customized to ensure that you get maximum results from bleaching gel.

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