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I think free teeth whitening is making my teeth brittle

I got 6 tubes of free teeth whitening from a friend and I think it’s making my teeth brittle. I had some pistachios over the weekend and while I was eating them a tiny piece of my tooth cracked. Pistachios aren’t that hard to chip a tooth. Also I’m noticing that my teeth seem to be more sensitive than normal. I’m afraid that I got cheap whitening from my friend. She got it online and her teeth seem to be okay, but maybe my teeth are more sensitive than hers. I’ve been using the whitening 5 days a week for the past 3 ½ months and my teeth are weaker but not much whiter. Is there something I can do to strengthen my teeth? I don’t want to go to my dentist because she offered me teeth whitening, but hers cost $400. I’m embarrassed to go into the office and tell her that I got the gel free and it’s messing up my teeth. Thanks. Kelsey

Kelsey – We strongly urge you to stop using the free teeth whitening right away. Although you might not want to go to your dentist, you do need to see a dentist.

Without examining the tubes of the gel, it’s hard to say what you received. But if it is professional-strength bleaching gel, using it five times a week for a three and a half months is excessive and can definitely damage your teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of Excessive Teeth Whitening

If you whiten your teeth too much, your teeth will tell the story. What are the signs that the free teeth whitening—or any other type of whitening—has damaged your teeth?

  • Increased sensitivity – Your teeth can become increasingly sensitive to hot and cold drinks or foods. Some people already have sensitive teeth, and over-bleaching them can make it worse.
  • Changes in tooth color – Your teeth can lose their whiteness and become transparent or blotchy.
  • Irritated gums – Gums can bleed easily and become sensitive or inflamed.
  • Brittle teeth – Excessive bleaching can dehydrate your teeth and make them brittle.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist for an examination and treatment recommendations. If you are completely hesitant about returning to your current dentist, find an experienced cosmetic dentist, and schedule an appointment for an exam. Don’t delay.

Although it’s not safe to whiten your teeth at all for now, there are dentists who offer free teeth whitening for patients who keep their regularly schedule appointments for dental cleanings and exams. You’ll get positive, predictable results.

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