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1 dentist recommends a dental implant and the other a root canal

I saw 2 dentists about a tooth that has been giving me a lot of problems. 1 dentist recommends a dental implant and the other a root canal. Which would be better? Marcel

Marcel – If a natural tooth can be preserved without causing you pain and discomfort, or compromising your oral health, that’s always the better option. Do you have information on the condition of the tooth? Were you told what to expect in two or three years—or even less time—if you choose to have your natural tooth restored?

These are factors that can help you make a decision. It may also be helpful to know that a 2008 study published in the Journal of Endodontics shows that a dental implant is more likely to need maintenance that a root canal treatment.

The three-year study followed 129 dental implants and 149 root canal treatments. While only 1% of the root canal treatments needed further attention, 12% of the dental implants needed intervention.

Of course there are times when dental implants are the best option. In fact, they are the most natural looking, feeling, and functioning form of tooth replacement.

In addition to statistics, you can consider getting opinions from specialists—perhaps an endodontist (specializes in root canal treatments) and a prosthodontist (specializes in tooth restoration and dental implants) or a dental implant surgeon. Taking a little extra time to explore your options will give you confidence in making a decision about your treatment.


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