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How can my dark front tooth be lightened?

I had trauma to a front tooth in 2010 and a root canal on the same tooth. The tooth got dark. My dentist bleached it but it is still grayish. Is there anything I can do to whiten the tooth? My mom said I can get veneer for it. Is that the right solution? – Thank you! – Addison

Addison – Depending on the condition of a tooth, a porcelain veneer or a porcelain crown can be used.

A porcelain veneer only covers the front of your tooth. It won’t help to preserve the tooth if it is damaged.Porcelain veneers often require that the natural tooth is lightly shaved to prevent the veneer from making it look bulky.

If the tooth is at all weak—and it may be since it was traumatized and needed a root canal treatment–a porcelain crown will protect it and have a color that matches your natural teeth. A cosmetic dentist will ensure that it perfectly matches.

Have your tooth examined by a cosmetic dentist. He or she will let you know your options.

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Should I get a root canal and a crown or have the tooth pulled?

I have a tooth that is really broken down. My dentist gave me the option of pulling it or getting a root canal and cap. What will happen with either treatment? – Thanks. Lexi

Lexi – If possible, dental professionals prefer to save your natural teeth, rather than replace them. If you receive a root canal treatment, the pulp of your tooth will be cleaned out. A ceramic crown, often referred to as a cap, will be placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

If you decide to have to tooth extracted and the space is left empty, other teeth in the vicinity will eventually drift toward the empty space. And in time, the bone that once supported the tooth will shrink. A missing tooth should be replaced with a dental implant. The structure of a dental implant is the same as a natural tooth. The root form of the implant will prevent the surrounding tooth from moving. The implant will look and feel like a natural tooth.

It sounds as if your dentist did not mention getting a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. If that’s the case, and you want to have the tooth extracted, make an appointment with a dentist who places implants. The implant will help prevent further problems with movement of other teeth.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.

What does it take to pull all of my teeth and get dentures?

Everyone in my family has bad teeth. I think its in our genes. On both my mother and father’s side of the family. I don’t go to the dentist which is wrong on my part. I am 24 years old and I am afraid that I am going to need dentures before I am 40. I can tell that I have several rotten teeth in the back at least 5 or 6. I do brush my teeth 2 times every day, but my teeth are bad and they are staring to make my breath stink. I want a nice smile. What are the steps for getting my teeth pulled and getting dentures for a nice smile? I heard that  you can get put to sleep at the dentists office to get teeth pulled out just like you would if you got surgery in the hospital. Can you tell me about this?  Thanks for your advice. Nichole from OK

Nichole – Although you don’t go to the dentist, this is an excellent time to change your habits and make an appointment with a dentist.

We will not advise you to get dentures at 24 years old. Visit a dentist to have x-rays taken of your teeth, and to get them cleaned and examined. If you have cavities, they can be filled. If you have teeth that are broken down, it is likely that they can be protected with ceramic crowns, and people will think the crowns are your natural teeth.

Dentures have several disadvantages to other forms of treatment that are available to you. They won’t look as natural as other treatment options. Dentures reduce your chewing efficiency—it is cut in half. Dentures can slip around and even fall out of your mouth. When all of your teeth are missing, eventually, in about 10 to 15 years, your jawbone will begin to shrink. Your face will eventually sink in and make you look older. But slipping dentures and facial collapse can be prevented if dentures are secured with dental implants. At your age, there are other options.

Your dentist will be able to protect your teeth and help you improve your oral hygiene. Be sure to find a cosmetic dentist to do the work and give you a natural-looking result. He or she will tell you the options for preserving your teeth and giving you the beautiful smile you want.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.