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Is sedation dentistry safe if I’m a coward at the dentist?

I am a coward at the dentist and I have a low tolerance for pain. I know I need sedation but I’m concerned about the safety. A normal person would be numbed with local anesthetic, but it doesn’t work for me. My dentist has tried numbing me 2 hours before my appointment but it has no effect. It’s as if nothing was done at all. He isn’t a gentle dentist either. So I’ve put off any serious dental work. Within the past two weeks I received a postcard in the mail from a nearby dental office. It’s a husband and wife team that practices sedation dentistry. Is this really a safe alternative? Is there any way to tell whether or not it would work on me before the dentist starts drilling in my mouth? Thanks Lizzy

Lizzy – Your case is not unusual.  Millions of Americans have dental anxiety or dental phobia and consider themselves to be dental cowards. It helps to have a gentle dentist, but sometimes that isn’t enough. When the anxiety is high enough, local anesthetic either wears off very quickly or doesn’t work at all. Sedation dentistry is a safe alternative.

Conscious oral sedation uses common anti-anxiety medication to relax you. You’ll still be conscious and have your reflexes, and your vital signs will be monitored. But you’ll be completely relaxed. Some dentists use nitrous oxide to calm the patient so that the local anesthetic will be effective. Remember sedation is not local anesthetic, but it helps you relax so that the anesthetic will work. It can also help you experience less sensitivity to pain.

Sedation Dentistry Is Safe

Sedation dentistry is safer and less expensive than general anesthesia. It helps you to have a pleasant dental experience, and it’s likely that you won’t recall what happened during the appointment. It is safe. Your medical and prescription history is reviewed to determine if you are a candidate for it. During your dental procedure, your vital signs are monitored.

You can find a gentle dentist who enjoys treating fearful and anxious patients. It’s important that you get the treatment you need, so that you can maintain good oral health. Sedation dentistry can help.

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How can I get over my phobia from dentists?

i’ve had dental problems ever since i can remember.  in the past, several dentists made painful mistakes with my teeth…and i started to hate going to the dentist…and put off visiting them…and now my teeth are so bad I am ashamed to smile…what can help me get over my fear? Tab

Tab – Find a dentist who is concerned about your comfort. You will find websites for dentists who feature gentle dentistry or comfort dentistry.

These dentists and their staffs enjoy treating anxious patients, and they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are especially anxious, nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation can be used to calm you during your dental procedure.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.

How much does sedation dentistry usually cost?

I’m planning on getting a lot of dental work done this fall and I want it with sedation. I’ve heard that most insurance companies won’t pay for the sedation. How much does the sedation cost? – Simone

Simone – There are different types of sedation dentistry or comfort dentistry. Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that you breathe in during treatment to help you relax.

Oral conscious sedation, the next level of sedation, involves taking a mild sedative in pill form. You will rest comfortably during treatment and you are unlikely to remember what happened during your appointment. Sedation medication can also be administered intravenously.

The cost of sedation depends, in part, on where in the U.S. the dentist is located, the type of sedation you receive, and the length of time it is needed for your dental procedure.

It is best to contact your dentist to find out the type of sedation used and an approximate cost. Contact your insurance provider to find out if any benefits for sedation dentistry are provided. If you will have out-of-pocket costs for sedation, your dentist may be able to make it affordable for you.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.