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Looking for an affordable dentist to remove my porcelain veneers

How can I find an affordable dentist to do some cosmetic work for me? I had gaps between my front teeth so about 7 years ago, I got porcelain veneers to cover the gaps. I wasn’t sold on them when I first got them, but now they are really bothering me. I want them off and I want to get bonding instead. Kaila


It’s unfortunate that you haven’t liked your porcelain veneers from the start. If veneers aren’t placed by an expert cosmetic dentist, some patients dislike the look so much that want them removed.

Can an Affordable Dentist Remove Porcelain Veneers?

Whether or not porcelain veneers can be removed can only be determined when your dentist begins to remove them. If your teeth were not prepared, or shaved, before the veneers were bonded to them, then the veneers can be removed. Your teeth will need to be polished to restore their appearance. If the teeth were shaved, your veneers can only be replaced with new ones. In either case, you want the expertise of a skilled cosmetic dentist. You can speak with the dentist about how the change can be made affordable for you.

What about Direct Bonding?

Small- to medium-sized gaps can be filled with direct bonding. Again, find an experienced cosmetic dentist to either have new veneers replaced or to receive the bonding. Most dentists lack the artistic inclination to give you beautiful cosmetic results.

You’re local to our office, which is in Plano, so you should know that Dr. Lacy is a cosmetic dentist and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Her experience in porcelain veneers and dental bonding will give you a beautiful smile. She makes dentistry affordable by providing financing and payment plans.

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Is this affordable dentist trying to trick me?


I’m left feeling a bit disenchanted after a visit to a so-called “affordable dentist.” I had a small cavity developing. I’ve known it was there for some time, but my finances didn’t allow me to take care of it right away. The tooth started to bother me a little and I knew I needed to get the cavity taken care of. Anyway, I already knew the size and scope of the job to be done, so I called around and got pricing on it. One guy bragged about his low rates and he did indeed undercut the others by about $100. That’s no small thing for me. I’m on a fixed income. In any case, I went to the guy to have the filling done. He told me I don’t qualify for the price they quoted me on the phone. He says I need a crown, which now puts me hundreds of dollars over my budget.

I feel like I’ve been misled. I’m considering going for a second opinion, but I also don’t want to pay for another exam and x-rays if what he’s saying is legit. Is there a way to know if he’s being upfront about costs without paying someone else to confirm it?




Dear Jake,

It’s very hard to find a quality dentist. Oftentimes, when you find someone bragging about how their rates are ultra-low and they undercut others by a significant amount, there’s a reason behind it… and not usually a good one. Because you went into it with the mindset of choosing the cheapest dentist, it’s not surprising that you also don’t trust him to be honest and upfront. We all like a bargain, but when it comes to healthcare, the two rarely mix. He may be being honest and giving you a fair assessment. The fact that your tooth hurts now and it didn’t before suggests that the cavity has progressed, so it’s entirely possible the treatment you were initially prescribed is no longer enough to repair your tooth. That said, there are criteria you can use to find an affordable dentist.

How to Find an Affordable Dentist

Custom Plans: Search for someone who listens to you and offers options. There are often several solutions at varying price points.

Payment Plans: Some offer payment plans. It’s rare to find a place that does in-house financing, but you may find a dentist who accepts CareCredit, which typically has no finance charges for a period of time.

Discounts: It sounds like you’re working without insurance and paying for services on your own. Some offices will extend discounts to those who pay in cash.

If You Don’t Trust Your Dentist, Get a Second Opinion

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably have doubts and want to confirm the diagnosis. To make it more affordable, ask for a copy of your x-ray and take it with you to your consultation, so you can save money.

If you truly trust your dentist, you’ll know you’re getting the best care possible, and that the dentist is doing everything he or she can to help keep your smile healthy and stay within your budget.

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Can an affordable dentist do anything about painful wisdom teeth?

Can an affordable dentist do anything about wisdom teeth? My wisdom teeth didn’t bother me when I was in my teens. Now I’m 33 years old and they are starting to hurt. I don’t do well at dentist’s office. I’m sure I have a phobia and I’ve been dentist hopping for the past 3 years. I’ve never let the same dentist clean my teeth for than twice. It seems like they usually find something wrong with my teeth, so I just move on to the next person so I won’t feel any pressure. My wisdom teeth are starting to concern me because the gums around both bottom teeth are started to swell and they do hurt. The top wisdom teeth don’t hurt every day, but I feel pain several times a week. Is this something an affordable dentist can? I have a new job and I have to wait 6 months for dental coverage. Also, how much pain should I expect? Jada

Jada – If you have swollen gums around your wisdom teeth and they hurt, you should see a dentist right away. It sounds as if your wisdom teeth are infected.

It’s not that the dentist will be able to extract the teeth, but he or she will examine your teeth, temporarily relieve the pain, and let you know your treatment options. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, or if a difficult removal is anticipated, you will be referred to an oral surgeon.

Ask about Options for Affordable Dental Care

When you call the office, you can ask about financial arrangements and how the dentist can make treatment affordable for you. Ask the same questions if you are referred to an oral surgeon.  Payment plans and financing are often available.

Reasons to Visit a Dentist for Painful Wisdom Teeth

It’s important to have your painful wisdom teeth examined by an emergency dentist right away. There are several reasons:

  • They can cause other teeth to shift.
  • As teeth shift, it can make it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Additional infections can occur and lead to root canal treatment for those teeth

Oral surgeons are skilled at keeping pain and discomfort to a minimum with sedation dentistry. Most patients don’t feel any pain during the extraction process. Discomfort after oral surgery is managed with prescribed painkillers. Be certain to follow post-care instructions.

Before you visit an emergency dentist, take some time to check his or her credentials and experience.

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I need an affordable dentist for porcelain veneers

My question is about being able to get an affordable dentist for porcelain veneers at my age. My parents are not together, but I am on my dad’s dental plan and he has really good insurance. He says I can get veneers and since I have a job, I can pay for what insurance doesn’t cover. I live with my mom and she says I am too young for them and I need to wait a few years. I asked her if she meant that a dentist won’t do them at my age or if she just thinks I am too young for them. I am 17 yrs old. She keeps saying I am just too young. Will a dentist do veneers for a teenager? Thanks. Kyla

Kyla – A conscientious affordable dentist  who is also a cosmetic

Photo of a single porcelain veneers, from affordable Plano TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.
Porcelain veneers

dentist will let you know that the best time to receive porcelain veneers is when your jawbone growth is complete, which can be around age 17 or 18. Here’s why:

  • If your veneers are placed while you are still growing, the movement of your teeth and jawbone may create space between your gumline and your veneers.
  • Your veneers will no longer look natural.
  • Either you will have to replace the veneers as jaw and teeth develop, or you will have to wait until you are able to receive new veneers.

A review of your family history, an examination, and x-rays from a cosmetic dentist can help determine if your jawbone growth is complete or not. Your parents—particularly your father—will want to consider if he wants to make the investment of porcelain veneers before your jawbone growth is complete.

An Exam and Consultation Are Needed

If you have permission from your parents to proceed with an examination, it will give you more information on the best time to receive porcelain veneers. If your parents approve of your getting veneers, ask for their help in finding a few skilled cosmetic dentists. Here’s why: It will be easy to find an affordable dentist to provide you with porcelain veneers, but only a skilled cosmetic dentist can provide you with veneers that look natural and will last.

Compared to other forms of cosmetic dentistry, veneers are relatively expensive. If you receive them, you want to ensure they are quality veneers and look like your natural teeth. Also, porcelain veneers often require the preparation of your natural teeth. This involves shaving a microscopic amount of tooth enamel from the front of your teeth so the veneers won’t look bulky. We just want to ensure you understand what is involved in receiving veneers, and why it’s so important to find a highly qualified cosmetic dentist to do the work.

Schedule consultations with two or three cosmetic dentists and each dentist what can be done to make veneers affordable for you. Don’t expect a discount, but payment plans and financing can help you meet your budget.


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What could an affordable dentist do with my too small teeth if I can’t afford veneers?

I’m wondering what an affordable dentist would do for my small teeth if I can’t afford porcelain veneers. I know that porcelain veneers can work wonders for my teeth. They are too small and look like baby teeth. The thing is that there is no way that I can afford veneers even with a payment plan. I just have a gummy smile and my gums are dark so they just make my little teeth even more noticeable. Is there something other veneers a cosmetic dentist can do? Ismeralda

Ismeralda – An affordable dentist who is also a skilled cosmetic dentist can improve the appearance of your teeth without porcelain veneers.

Affordable Dentist Options for Small Teeth

  • Dental bonding – Dental bonding can be used to lengthen your teeth. A skilled cosmetic dentist has the tools and shades of dental composite needed to provide seamless results. Your dentist will roughen the surface of your teeth, apply and shape the bonding, and harden and polish it. Bonding needs to be replaced about every five years.
  • Gum contouring – Since you have a gummy smile, your gumline can be trimmed to decrease the amount of gum tissue and lengthen the amount of tooth structure that shows when you smile. This is a painless, brief procedure that is done with a laser. After gum contouring, you can expect a little swelling as the gum tissue heals, but it’s a minor procedure that can be completed in a single visit.
  • Porcelain crowns– Crowns (often called “caps”) require reduction of your natural tooth structure because they are placed over your teeth. Crowns are customized to match the characteristics of your natural teeth, including shape and color. An artistic cosmetic dentist can design crowns that look completely natural.

Don’t insist on finding the most affordable dentist. Schedule consultations with two or three cosmetic dentists to ask questions and discuss your treatment options. Choose a trained cosmetic dentist who can produce good results and who provides payment options.

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Need affordable dentist to get marijuana stains off my bonding and teeth

I’m looking for an affordable dentist who can help me keep my teeth in shape. I smoke medicinal marijuana and I’m guessing that it’s going to be this way for the foreseeable future. In the past I’ve been proud of my smile and white teeth, but the marijuana is staining them pretty bad. Is it possible to find a dentist who is willing to work with me and keep my teeth in good shape? There is dental bonding on 3 of my front teeth and it’s already getting yellow. Who knows how often I’m going to need it touched up, but I don’t want maintaining it to be too expensive. Thanks for your advice. – Roxana

Roxana  – Yes, you can find an affordable dentist who will help you keep teeth stains under control and help you maintain good oral health. As you search for the right dentist, keep in mind that affordability doesn’t always mean you’ll get quality results. So make quality the priority, and avoid insisting on the lowest fees.

In addition to marijuana, coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco smoke will discolor your dental bonding and your natural teeth. A cosmetic dentist will work with you preserve your bonding. Usually bonding lasts three to eight years.

It’s important that you find and retain a dentist and hygienist who know how to care for cosmetic bonding without damaging it by using the wrong dental cleaning and polishing tools.

Help Your Affordable Dentist Preserve Your Bonding

There are some things you can do to preserve your dental bonding so it won’t need to be replaced so frequently.

  • Regularly floss between your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.
  • Regularly visit your dentist for cleanings.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after you smoke.
  • Limit coffee, tea, and red wine.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Don’t bite hard objects with your teeth, and avoid using them to open packages.

Make it a priority to find a cosmetic dentist who has an artistic eye and understands how to use different shades of composite to restore your teeth and get natural results. Speak with the affordable dentist about how you can maintain a healthy smile and stay within your budget.

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Can an Affordable Dentist Help My Gummy Smile?

I’m wondering if it’s safe to find an affordable dentist to do something about my gummy smile. My gums are so long that they make my teeth look tiny like baby teeth. I’m sure there is something that can be done to make my teeth look longer or make my gums look shorter. The problem is my budget. Is this something an affordable dentist can help me with? Thanks – Bev

Bev – You can find an affordable dentist who offers financing or payment plans so the dental treatment will work with our budget.

What Will an Affordable Dentist Do for a Gummy Smile?

Excessive gum tissue can dominate teeth and make them look smaller than they actually are.


A gingivectomy (commonly referred to as a gum lift) is a surgical procedure used by dentists to remove gum tissue around your teeth.


Gingivoplasty is the process of shaping gum tissue around your teeth. A gum lift can remove excess gum tissue and lengthen the look of your teeth. The contouring, or shaping, of the gum tissue enhances the look of your gums around your teeth.

What Should You Expect?

  • The procedures can be performed using electrosurgical tools, lasers or dental burs.
  • Depending on the amount of gum tissue to be removed, the gum lift procedure can take several minutes to over an hour.
  • Gum contouring is usually completed in several minutes.
  • Healing time varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how extensive the procedure is.

Gum tissue can be removed and shaped for more than cosmetic reasons. Excessive gum tissue around the teeth can make it more difficult to keep teeth and gums free from plaque-producing food debris. Inadequate cleaning can lead to gum disease. So it’s a good idea to get an examination and learn about your treatment options.

Schedule consultations with at least two experienced cosmetic dentists, and compare your options. Don’t pick a dentist just because he or she is the most affordable. Take time to do some research to learn about the dentist’s training and experience—particularly with gum contouring. Ask the dentist how many cases like your he or she has completed.

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Went to an affordable dentist for a root canal and ended up with a tooth extraction

This past June I selected an affordable dentist to take care of a horrible toothache that was literally making me sick. My face was swollen, I was nauseated, and nothing worked to get rid of a constant headache caused by the tooth. I first called my regular dentist but I couldn’t afford the out of pocket costs to get them to take care of the tooth. So I opted for a dentist with lower fees. I checked out his website and a saw several decent patient reviews.

After my first appointment I was scheduled for a root canal 2 days later. The pain during and after the procedure was horrible. I told the dentist that my tooth hurt worse than before the root canal. He told me it was because he had to go so deeply into the tooth to remove the decay. 2 weeks later, my tooth was still hurting bad. It was only slightly better than before. I went back to the dentist and he told me that the root canal didn’t take and he needed to do another one. During the procedure I heard my tooth crack. The dentist grunted and his assistant sighed. Then he told me that the tooth needed to be extracted. What else could I do but agree to the extraction? I wish I had let my regular dentist do the work and now I’m too embarrassed to go back there.

Since that appointment, I’ve been going back and forth with the dentist’s office about the bills for the second root canal and the tooth extraction. I think they are crazy. I’ve been talking to my dental insurance company about the bills, and I’m starting to think that I might need a consumer protection attorney. Why should I be responsible for both procedures? What can I do to get this dental office to back off and be reasonable? Eddie


We agree that you shouldn’t be billed for a second root canal treatment, as well as the tooth extraction. Without examining your dental x-rays, it’s difficult to say whether or not the cracked tooth and extraction could have been avoided.

The issue is probably not worth the time, expense, and anxiety of legal proceedings. We have a few suggestions:

  • Ask to speak directly with the dentist. Let him know why you think you shouldn’t be billed for both procedures. Stay calm and speak respectfully.
  • If you have found a new dentist, ask him or her to contact your previous dentist and ask for a reasonable solution.
  • Ask for help from your local dental board or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Without filing a legal claim, ask a consumer protection attorney to contact the dental office and find out if they are willing to negotiate on the bill.

Try to resolve the issue before the dental office submits it to a collection agency.

If you haven’t already found a reliable, affordable dentist, you should do so to discuss the options for replacing the tooth that was extracted. It should be replaced to prevent other teeth from shifting and to prevent bone shrinkage at the extraction site.


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Need an affordable dentist to change the color of my denture teeth

I’ve been looking for an affordable dentist within 100 miles of my house to change the color of my denture teeth. I’ve been searching online but can’t find any websites that show a dentist who is doing this kind of work. I got my dentures from a denture center. They advertise for affordable dentures, but the nickeled and dimed me out of $900. After all of my appointments and their “pampering” I went in to get the dentures. They are the wrong color. It’s a weird color that almost looks like the teeth have a pink tone. I think I was in the dental office 2 hours talking about the color of the denture teeth. In the end they told me I signed off and approved everything so there wasn’t much that could be done. They could give me new denture teeth but I would have to pay for the new teeth. I don’t want new denture teeth. I just want the color changed. After spending $900 I don’t have much money to left to spend on new dentures or even to change the color of the teeth. That’s why I’m looking for an affordable dentist. How can I find one? – Ashton

Ashton – We’re sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with dentures. It’s understandable that you need the assistance of an affordable dentist. Unfortunately your denture teeth are colorfast, so the color cannot be changed in any way. So, what can you do now?

Options for Affordable Dentistry

  • The good news is that you can find a cosmetic dentist to provide you with quality dentures. He or she likely offers ways to make dental care affordable for you. Dentists frequently offer financing or payment plans to help you spread out the cost of care over time.
  • Although this is a huge disappointment, your smile can affect your confidence and your sense of well-being and happiness. Take some time to consider if you can accept the color of your current dentures, or if and when you want to receive new dentures.
  • Make an informed decision by visiting two or three experienced cosmetic dentists to discuss your options, the cost, and how they can provide you with affordable dental care.

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How can I find an affordable dentist to replace 8 porcelain veneers?

How can I find an affordable dentist to replace 8 porcelain veneers I receive May of last year? Within 3 months of getting the veneers, one of them fell off. My dentist bonded it back on. Since that time 2 more veneers fell off. When I was brushing my teeth last Wednesday, I noticed that one of the veneers that my dentist bonded back on is now loose. This is ridiculous and I want to switch to another dentist to get my veneers completely redone. If I could go back to my natural teeth I would do so. I feel stuck and ripped off by my dentist. Of course I didn’t budget for porcelain veneer mistakes, so now I need to find an affordable dentist to get new veneers. Of course I’m concerned about quality. I already paid a lot of money for these veneers and the quality is poor. Hopefully you can guide me in finding quality affordable veneers. – Sabrina

Sabrina – We’re sorry to hear about your bad experience with porcelain veneers. Quality cosmetic dentistry is a rare art, and when patients request affordable dentistry for cosmetic purposes, it concerns us.

A skilled cosmetic dentist can make it more affordable for you to get your veneers replaced, but it won’t mean that the restorations will be inexpensive. We caution patients who focus on cost alone. Affordability is best met through payment plans or financing to make new porcelain veneers easier on your budget. If you insist on the lowest cost, even if you get new veneers, there could be a sacrifice in quality, and they too can fall off or be easily damaged.

A skilled cosmetic dentist has the tools required to properly bond your porcelain veneers. He or she also knows the bonding techniques required to secure your veneers. They should never fall off.

Select two or three experienced cosmetic dentists with whom you can schedule consultations. Have your veneers examined. It’s possible that you don’t need new veneers. Sometimes poorly bonded veneers can be removed, cleaned, and correctly bonded to your teeth.

  • Compare the options and costs for each consulting dentist.
  • Ask to see before-and-after pictures of porcelain veneers each dentist has placed.
  • Ask about options for payment plans or financing.
  • Don’t automatically select the dentist with the lowest cost. Verify his or her training and qualifications.

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