Porcelain veneers from affordable dentist are affecting my speech!

Porcelain veneers shouldn’t look or feel bulky

After spending 2 weeks looking for an affordable dentist for porcelain veneers, I am so disappointed. I am not sure why my speech is affected by the veneers. My dentist allowed me to wear the temporary veneers for over a week. They didn’t give me any problems at all. Now that I have my permanent veneers, my speech is slurred. It’s not every word. Any word that begins with ‘tr’ is a problem. Probably more accurate that slurred is this weird whistling sound and I feel like the veneers hit my upper lip. My confidence in this dentist has gone way down. Am I going to need new veneers? Zayana


We’re sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with porcelain veneers.

Caution When Seeking an Affordable Dentist

When we hear from patients about their bad experiences with an affordable dentist, we often learn that “affordable” for them often meant the cheapest option. While you want dental care that fits your budget, avoid looking for the cheapest cost of any dental treatment. Cheap dental work usually doesn’t last.

When Porcelain Veneers Affect Your Speech

  • Although you lack confidence in your current dentist, you can speak with him or her about the problem you are having with the veneers. Your dentist may immediately know what is causing the problem and offer to have your veneers remade.
  • Not every dentist has the extensive training required to provide porcelain veneers that fit look natural and fit well.
  • Another option is to find an experienced cosmetic dentist to examine your veneers and try to identify the source of the problem. If you decide to switch dentists, your current dentist may be willing to assist with the cost of receiving veneers from a new dentist. Your dental records will be transferred accordingly.

A true cosmetic dentist will make dental treatment affordable by working with your budget, completing the work in phases, or offering payment plans or financing. Quality will not be sacrificed.

Getting a second opinion may help you make a final decision on which dentist you want to provide you with veneers that fit correctly.

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